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SK Gaming embarks on redemption journey with second win against Schalke 04

SK Gaming Secures Victory Against Schalke 04 in a Dominant League of Legends Match

SK Gaming achieved their second win of the 2020 League of Legends Summer Split with a commanding performance against Schalke 04 today. The game lasted only 30 minutes, with SK Gaming’s ADC Crownshot playing exceptionally well on Aphelios. Crownshot secured early kills in the laning phase, becoming the carry his team needed in the late stages of the game.

Early Success Sets the Stage for SK Gaming

The game started with SK’s jungler Trick executing an early gank in the top lane. This gave Jenax on Aatrox the ability to withstand S04’s Wukong. Shortly after, Jenax teleported to the bottom lane and secured two more kills for his team, extending their lead.

SK Gaming’s Strategic Advantage

SK’s early lead from the kills allowed them to secure dragons, which are crucial in today’s meta. They also obtained the Rift Herald for extra gold from tower plates. SK focused on obtaining the Dragon Soul, which would make them unstoppable, by picking up the third and fourth dragons. In a one-sided teamfight, S04 attempted to prevent SK from taking the Dragon Soul but were outplayed. SK succeeded in securing the Dragon Soul, an ace, and the Baron. This brought them closer to their second win.

Victory for SK Gaming

With the Baron buff and a significant gold advantage, SK Gaming ended the game without any issues, showcasing their dominance.

During the offseason, SK Gaming made roster changes, including lane swapping their mid to top and acquiring a new mid laner. They also re-acquired their former head coach, Jesiz. This revamped roster has proven to be much stronger, winning their first game against a top-four team and defeating the rising S04. Crownshot, who had been overshadowed in the previous season, has shined as one of the best ADCs in Europe. The head coach position is likely playing a significant role in the team’s improved gameplay.

SK Gaming will face another tough challenge tomorrow against MAD Lions, the rookie team that made waves in Europe by defeating G2 Esports in the Spring Split playoffs. A victory against MAD Lions will solidify SK Gaming’s reputation and set them up for wins against Misfits Gaming and Excel Esports next week.

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