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Schalke 04 impress against Fnatic thanks to Broken Blade’s exceptional performance on Urgot

Fnatic Upset by Schalke 04 in 2021 LEC Spring Split

Fnatic’s road to the 2021 LEC Spring Split playoffs hit a roadblock as they suffered a surprise defeat against Schalke 04. Despite being the underdogs, Schalke 04 pulled off a huge upset with a surprise Urgot pick.

Fnatic vs Schalke 04

Schalke 04 had a poor performance leading up to this match, losing seven of their last eight games. On the contrary, Fnatic came into the week with a two-game winning streak. They had recently defeated Excel Esports and SK Gaming.

Schalke 04 tweet

Schalke 04’s top laner, Broken Blade, played a crucial role in the team’s victory. He showcased his skill with nine kills, eight assists, and only one death. According to Broken Blade, Urgot is a strong champion in the current meta. Although he has a weak early game, once he acquires items, Urgot becomes a teamfight powerhouse with high DPS and tankiness. His ultimate can also turn the tides of a teamfight by executing low-health enemies and fearing surrounding opponents.

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Fnatic struggled to deal with Urgot’s presence as they lacked crowd control to lock him down. Additionally, LIMIT, playing as Alistar, made fearless engages and initiated teamfights by jumping in or flashing onto the enemy carries and Fnatic’s Tahm Kench.

With this loss, Fnatic’s path to the playoffs becomes more challenging. They must secure wins in their next two matches, including a game against Misfits. Their final match is against Rogue, who currently ranks as the second-best team in the LEC.

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