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Riot hints at major Nunu update, 2 fresh champions, and various champion overhauls

Riot’s Champion Roadmap Reveals Exciting Updates for League of Legends

Riot’s latest issue of the Champion Roadmap has been released, and it’s full of exciting news for League of Legends players. The highlight of the article is an update to the character Nunu, which will give him a new look and a more whimsical vibe. The details of the update are still vague, but fans are already buzzing with anticipation.

Image via Riot Games

One of the most noticeable changes is the appearance of Nunu’s yeti companion, Willump. He now looks more like a snowy Totoro than a fearsome yeti, but fans seem to love the new design. Riot has also hinted at changes to Nunu’s abilities, but the specifics are yet to be revealed.

The article also revealed teasers for two brand new champions. While Riot initially stated that this year would focus less on new champions, they decided to introduce these two characters. One of them is described as a “colorful mage,” which has some players speculating that it could be similar to the character Zoe. The other is simply described as “locked away,” leaving fans curious about their identity.

Image via Riot Games

In addition to the new champions, Riot also mentioned upcoming visual updates for several existing characters. Ezreal will be getting a total makeover, including a new look and changes to his abilities. Kayle and Morgana will also receive updates, with Kayle’s being more substantial to align her visuals and abilities with her righteous angelic theme, while Morgana’s update will primarily focus on her appearance.

Although specific release dates for these updates were not disclosed, League of Legends players can look forward to an exciting year ahead filled with fresh content and improved gameplay.