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Perkz opens up about stepping back from competitive LoL following disappointing 2024 season

Perkz Takes a Break from Competitive Play

One of the most decorated League of Legends players in the European scene is taking a break from the competitive scene. Multiple trophies highlight the track record of Luka “Perkz” Perković, but for now, he’s decided to take a step back from pro play.

Perkz’s Decision and Future Plans

In a message shared on his Twitter/X account today, Perkz revealed his intentions regarding these next few months to focus on what his future could look like. In his post, Perkz acknowledged that his main drive in competitive gaming was to qualify for MSI or Worlds and compete internationally. But he admitted that he “didn’t really enjoy” the process of striving toward those events.

Reflecting on Past Decisions

This announcement comes following Perkz’s absence from the LEC during the past Spring Split after his benching from the Team Heretics main roster. At the time, Heretics’ co-founder Arnau Vidal explained the reasoning behind the move, acknowledging Perkz’s hard work but saying there was no improvement in the team dynamic ahead of the spring.

Team Dynamics and Conflicts

Reports suggested the decision to bench Perkz was made after an alleged quarrel between the mid laner and his team manager, sparking speculation about other conflicts within the League team.

In an interview with Esportsmaniacos, Alvar “Araneae” Martín Aleñar, director at Team Heretics, commented on Perkz’s performance, acknowledging both his shortcomings and his contributions to team morale. The director mentioned Perkz’s underperformance in the Winter Split of the LEC, but he also recognized Perkz’s contributions to team morale, suggesting his impact on the team extended beyond just gameplay.

Looking Ahead

Perkz’s hiatus from competitive play marks a significant moment in his illustrious career, prompting reflection on his past achievements and future endeavors from both his fans and potential competitors. While there’s no certainty in terms of when Perkz could return to the competitive scene, it’s unlikely League fans will see him on the Rift before 2025.