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Patch 8.15 brings a much-needed nerf to Morgana

Morgana is a versatile pick in the current League of Legends meta. She is strong in two support roles as both a mage and a play-maker. She also offers sustain, peel, and can be played as a carry in the mid lane or as a farming bot laner.

However, Morgana may be a bit too strong. Riot Games, the developer of League of Legends, plans to nerf her in an upcoming update on the Public Beta Environment (PBE).

The planned nerfs focus on her supporting abilities, rather than directly reducing the damage or duration of her Q ability. The goal is to balance her without rendering her ineffective or unplayed.

Specifically, the mana cost of her Black Shield is being increased by 30 at all ranks. While this may seem minor, it will impact Morgana’s ability to use the shield effectively and punish her for using it at the wrong time.

In addition, Morgana’s base mana regeneration is decreasing from three to 2.2. This further limits her ability to spam abilities, making her gameplay more strategic.

Overall, these changes do not significantly impact Morgana’s combat power, but they do reduce her presence in-lane. The nerfs are expected to go live with Patch 8.15 next week.