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One of the most popular LoL champs has a terrible win rate in Patch 14.9

Each League of Legends update brings changes, but Patch 14.9 introduced the Lee Sin art and sustainability update. This refreshed the champion’s animations, voice lines, and skins, leading to an influx of players playing him, and contributing to his win rate plummeting.

According to stats site U.GG, Lee Sin is the second most-picked champion in League Patch 14.9, right behind Jinx. To make matters worse, Lee Sin’s win rate is only 48.40 percent across all ranks. Coming into Patch 14.9, his win rate has dropped slightly, but his pick rate has increased by five percent.

Even though Lee Sin’s win rate has suffered in Patch 14.9, he is, like Lux, one of the most popular League champions. Patch after patch, his pick and ban rate remain in the top five across all ranks and regions. In season 14, he didn’t get the opportunity to shine, and the last balance update came back in Patch 13.19. Lee Sin is easy to pick up but extremely hard to master.

Unlike Lux, Lee Sin has a lot of different playstyles. You can play him as a bruiser or assassin, defensively or offensively, and focus on farming or ganking. On top of this, Lee Sin has strong early to mid-game but falls off late, making it increasingly harder to stay relevant.

This trend will probably continue in the next patch, 14.10, and further into season 14.

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