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NA LCS Week 9 Start/Sit for Skrilla

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The final week of the NA League of Legends Championship Series starts on Saturday, which means more exciting daily fantasy matchups.

The NA LCS may not be as competitive as Europe, but there will still be intense action as teams battle for playoff positioning.

Predicting the playoff stretch can be difficult, as teams often keep their strategies secret until the playoffs. However, we have some fantasy picks to help you get the most out of the Spring’s last regular season contests.

NA LCS Week 9 Saturday

This week’s Saturday matches feature some huge fantasy matchups where high-scoring teams will face off. It can be challenging to create a winning fantasy lineup when many players are capable of big performances, but we’ll do our best to help you out.

100 Thieves vs. Clutch Gaming

These teams play the slowest games in the NA LCS, so it’s difficult to predict the outcome. It’s better to invest your fantasy dollars elsewhere.

Echo Fox vs. Flyquest

Echo Fox has had some struggles recently, but they should have an easy win against Flyquest. Flyquest has been giving up the most deaths in the league, while Echo Fox has the most kills. Players from Echo Fox should perform well on Saturday.

Team SoloMid vs. Golden Guardians

Golden Guardians are a great fantasy matchup because they give up a lot of points. Team SoloMid should have a big score on Saturday.

Start — Darshan Upadhyaya, Top, Counter Logic Gaming, 18,700

Darshan has a great matchup this week against OpTic Gaming, who have the weakest top lane in the league. Despite being expensive, Darshan is worth the investment.

Start — Joshua “Dardoch” Harnett, Jungle, Echo Fox, 15,500

Dardoch has the best jungle numbers in the league and has a great matchup against Flyquest.

Start — Soren “Bjergsen” Bjerg, Mid, Team SoloMid, 17,450

Bjergsen, one of the most consistent fantasy players, has an excellent matchup against Hai Lam, the weakest mid laner in the league. Bjergsen is a top pick this week.

Sit — Cody Sun, ADC, 100 Thieves, 16,300

Cody Sun has been performing well lately but has a tough matchup against Clutch Gaming, who don’t give up many deaths. It would be better to choose other strong ADCs like Trevor “Stixxay” Hayes or Johnny “Altec” Ru.

Sit — Nickolas “Hakuho” Surgent, Support, Clutch Gaming, 13,750

Hakuho has strong stats as a support but is not a good pick this week against 100 Thieves. The bottom lane matchup will be tough, so it’s best to avoid Hakuho.

NA LCS Week 9 Sunday

Sunday’s matches may have fewer high scores compared to Saturday, but there are still important matchups with playoff implications. Pay attention to any news heading into Sunday as teams may make substitutions or play more conservatively to hide their strategies. This uncertainty adds difficulty to fantasy predictions, but we’re here to help.

Cloud9 vs. Flyquest

Assuming they take care of business, Cloud9 should have a great fantasy performance against Flyquest.

Team SoloMid vs. Counter Logic Gaming

The classic rivalry between Team SoloMid and Counter Logic Gaming could have significant playoff implications. If TSM secures a playoff spot on Saturday, this matchup becomes favorable for fantasy scores as CLG is an aggressive team that gives up a lot of points.

Clutch Gaming vs. Golden Guardians

Despite usually not being big fantasy scorers, Clutch Gaming may have a good week against the struggling Golden Guardians.

Echo Fox vs. 100 Thieves

Echo Fox, even with their recent struggles, still has potential as a fantasy team. However, they may not be worth the investment on Sunday against the rising 100 Thieves.

Sit — Colin “Solo” Earnest, Top, Clutch Gaming, 9,900

Solo may have good stats as a top laner, but he doesn’t get many kills or assists. Even in a favorable matchup, Solo is unlikely to provide big fantasy points.

Start — Dennis “Svenskeren” Johnsen, Jungle, Cloud9, 14,400

Svenskeren should have a strong fantasy performance against Flyquest. He has high kills and assists numbers and a better matchup than the league leader at his position.

Start — Nicolaj Jensen, Mid, Cloud9, 19,000

Jensen, a strong contender for MVP this season, has a great mid lane matchup on Sunday. He should have a big fantasy day.

Sit — Trevor “Stixxay” Hayes, ADC, Counter Logic Gaming, 22,000

Stixxay comes with a high price tag, but it will be challenging for him to perform well against Team SoloMid’s solid bottom lane.

Start — Nickolas “Hakuho” Surgent, Support, Clutch Gaming, 13,750

If you’ve stacked your lineup with Cloud9 players and can’t choose Andy “Smoothie” Ta, Hakuho is a good option. He may not have as many assists as other top supports, but he has a strong KDA and kill participation, which means he’ll provide good value on a solid fantasy day for Clutch Gaming.