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NA LCS: Top Performers & Underachievers in Week 1 (Spring 2015)

NA Week 1 Standout Performances

Top Lane – CST Cris

Cris had an outstanding week, only dying once at the end of Game 2. He proved that he can hold his own against tough competition. However, owners should be cautious as Cris will be facing Team 8 and Gravity in Week 2.

Honorable mentions: TL Quas & CLG Benny

Jungle – TL IWDominate

IWDominate had an impressive showing, scoring the highest fantasy points among junglers. He provided early pressure throughout the map and helped Team Liquid to be the only undefeated team in NA LCS after the first week. He is a must start in most weeks, except when facing Cloud 9 and TSM in Week 2.

Honorable mention: CST Impaler

Mid Lane – TL Fenix

Fenix had a great week, ranking 5th in points across both regions. He consistently offers assists and kills, although he tends to sacrifice himself in fights. Expect him to bounce back in Week 2.

Honorable mentions: TSM Bjergsen, GV Keane & CST Jesiz


A surprise to most, KEITHMCBRIEF scored the highest points across all positions in both LCS regions. He played autoattack heavy carries in both games, helping Team Liquid to dominant victories. However, with Piglet’s return in Week 2, this may be a one-time success.

Honorable mentions: WFX Altec, CLG Doublelift, C9 Sneaky & GV Cop

Support – TL Xpecial

Xpecial proved why he was worth an earlier draft pick for the support position. He is expected to have great performances in the future, especially with Piglet returning to the lineup. However, he will face tough opponents in C9 and TSM in Week 2.

Honorable mention: CLG Aphromoo

Team – Team Liquid

Team Liquid is the standout team in Week 1, going undefeated. They have impressive vision and objective control, allowing them to finish games thoroughly. However, they will face tough competition in Week 2 against TSM and C9.

Honorable mention: Team Coast

NA Week 1 Underperformances

Top Lane – C9 Balls & TSM Dyrus

Balls and Dyrus had mediocre performances in Week 1. They both struggled to manage Gnar’s rage bar and their level 1 strategy of dying to wolves or raptors did not help their fantasy points. Expect them to improve in the coming weeks.

Jungle – C9 Meteos

Meteos had a rough Week 1, with a low KDA and little impact in the games. He will face tough opponents in IWD and Xmithie in Week 2.

Mid Lane – TIP XiaoWeiXiao & C9 Hai

XiaoWeiXiao and Hai had underwhelming performances in Week 1. XiaoWeiXiao was unable to demand attention from enemy junglers and Hai struggled under heavy pressure. Both players are expected to bounce back in the coming weeks.

AD – TIP Apollo

Apollo had an average performance in Week 1. He is expected to have similar performances in the following weeks as XiaoWeiXiao is the main carry of TIP.

Support – C9 LemonNation

LemonNation ranked low in fantasy points as Cloud 9 went 0-2 in the opening week. Expect him to perform better as Cloud 9 gets back to their winning ways.

Team – Cloud 9

As Cloud 9 went 0-2 in Week 1, they ranked low in all of the fantasy stats. Expect them to bounce back in the upcoming weeks.

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