Mixed Reviews for LCS’ ‘Storage Closet’ Setup Amidst Challenging Circumstances

By Ishaan Khatri
Mixed Reviews for LCS' 'Storage Closet' Setup Amidst Challenging Circumstances

LCS Returns to Action in a Smaller Setting

The LCS made its comeback this past weekend after a three-week break. However, fans and players noticed a significant change in the setup. The usual spacious studio was replaced with a smaller setting, which caught everyone by surprise. This change has been the norm since 2023.  

During the past two weeks, the Riot Games Arena has been occupied by the VCT Americas Kickoff tournament, which is usually dedicated to the LCS. As a result of scheduling conflicts, the LCS took a backseat for week five, playing in a smaller and private area of the arena. This location was only meant for players, with no fans in attendance. 

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