League of Legends Players Crown Naafiri as the Game’s Most ‘Tedious’ Assassin Champion

By Ishaan Khatri
League of Legends Players Crown Naafiri as the Game's Most 'Tedious' Assassin Champion

Naafiri: League of Legends’ Monster Champion

Since Naafiri, the latest monster-like champion, joined the League of Legends roster about eight months ago, there have been mixed opinions about her performance in solo queue.

Despite some criticism, The Hound of a Hundred Bites has remained a strong contender among the best-performing champions in the game. According to League stat aggregator U.GG, Naafiri boasts a 51 percent win rate in Platinum ranks and higher. However, her play rate in the mid lane role has been relatively low, sitting at only 2.8 percent for the same ranked distribution.

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