LCK Implements New Offline Servers in Response to Recent DDoS Attacks

By Ishaan Khatri
LCK Implements New Offline Servers in Response to Recent DDoS Attacks

Riot Games and the LCK are taking significant measures to prevent server outages and DDoS attacks during League of Legends broadcasts.

Offline Server Introduced for Better Security

To enhance security, the LCK has implemented an offline server at LoL Park in Seoul. This server will allow players to compete without worrying about external factors. The server’s compatibility with the current event infrastructure has been checked, and it will be ready for live broadcasting in the coming weeks.

Layers of Security to Combat DDoS Attacks

After experiencing a day-long delay due to a significant DDoS attack in February, the LCK has made these decisions to prevent future disruptions. The league was forced to broadcast pre-recorded matches for the rest of the week until a solution was found.

LCK secretary general Aiden Lee admitted the fault of not fully considering the risk of DDoS attacks and mentioned that Riot Games’ global team, along with Korean experts, is working on short and long-term improvements to address these issues.

Implementation of an Offline Server and Long-Term Security

The league is implementing an offline server for the current competition to enhance security. Additionally, a stronger security system is being developed as a long-term solution to the ongoing DDoS problems that have affected the league and the Korean gaming scene as a whole.

As a result, live broadcasts will gradually return, but there won’t be any audience at LoL Park. This precaution is taken to minimize delays caused by potential attacks and ensure smooth gameplay while the new systems are in place.

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