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Jensen acknowledges FlyQuest’s ‘disrespect’ towards MSI 2024 play-ins opponent

PSG Talon Defeats FlyQuest at MSI 2024

FlyQuest are out of MSI 2024 after losing to PSG Talon in the play-in stage. Mid laner Jensen admitted to underestimating their opponent.

The Underestimation

Following the loss to PSG Talon on May 5, the League of Legends player said FlyQuest disrespected the Taiwanese team after beating them in their opening game. The North American squad expected to beat PSG in the elimination match but failed miserably and lost 2-0.

Reflections on the Loss

“When you lose, you take a lot more away from the series than when you win. And so I think they [PSG] probably realized what mistakes they made against us. And when we beat them, we were kind of like ‘yeah, I mean, expected.’ We didn’t really take too much away from the series and stuff. And… yeah, I guess we just maybe like disrespected them a little bit,” Jensen said in an interview with Ashley Kang.

In their opening match, FlyQuest defeated PSG Talon 2-1 and advanced to the Qualification Match before losing to T1. They dropped to the Elimination Series, where they had to face off against PSG again. PSG clearly learned their lesson the second time around.

Learning from the Experience

For Jensen and FlyQuest, this scenario has already played out this season. They qualified for the 2024 LCS Spring Split Finals after dominating Liquid and Cloud9 but lost the final to Liquid after they climbed back from the lower bracket.

At MSI 2024, PSG learned from their mistakes but didn’t do anything special, according to Jensen. The mid laner said FlyQuest didn’t pay enough attention to things like objectives, which made it tough to come out ahead in the series.

Outcome of the Match

FlyQuest are now heading back home while PSG Talon, T1, Fnatic, and Top Esports move on to the Bracket Stage. MSI 2024 returns to action on May 7.