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Immersing in the Worlds 2023 Excitement: Exploring a Day in Seoul

Experiencing the Excitement of the League of Legends World Championship Finals in Seoul

Just 24 hours after leaving Rome for Seoul, I’ve already had multiple conversations about the 2023 League of Legends World Championship finals. Even though I haven’t met my colleagues and friends who are also here, the excitement is palpable.

I had my first conversation at the Rome airport check-in line, where an elderly couple recognized the World Championship logo on my jacket. Then, a young Korean couple asked if I was going to watch the finals.

During the flight, I sat next to a kind Korean lady who pointed at the logo on my jacket and mentioned League of Legends. Unfortunately, we couldn’t communicate due to the language barrier, but she shared some delicious snacks with me.

Upon landing in Seoul, I got caught in rush-hour traffic for over an hour and a half. However, I was able to chat with my driver, who eagerly talked about how much his nephew plays League. Finally, I arrived at the hotel where the receptionist and her colleague were already aware of League esports and the teams in the tournament.

While NewJeans, the opening act for the finals, is widely known, it’s Faker’s name that truly resonates when people mention League of Legends. Faker’s 10 years of competing have made him an icon in the esports world, especially in his home country. Everywhere I went, I saw the impact of gaming on the city.

The partnership between Riot Games and the Korea Tourism Organization has created an incredible experience for League esports fans. The Worlds’ Playground, hosted in the HiKR building, offers different attractions on each floor, including a staircase detailing the past winners, immersive environments, art stations, and LCK teams’ stands. The walkthrough culminates on the fourth floor, where you can claim a prize using 11 stamps.

On the fifth floor, you’ll find HEARTSTEEL’s playground, featuring band-themed donuts and collectible cards. The unique photo booth that tilts your perspective and challenges your poses is a highlight. This exhibition exists because Worlds is in Seoul, where even non-esports fans are familiar with League of Legends.

As I dream about future events, I can’t help but feel excited to witness what Riot Games and Seoul have in store for fans. This extraordinary experience is just a taste of the eventful week leading up to the Worlds finals.

Disclaimer: Riot PR paid for travel to Seoul and provided accommodation.