Gen.G makes history as the first LCK team to secure four consecutive splits

By Ishaan Khatri

Gen.G Claims Fourth Consecutive LCK Spring Split Title

In a thrilling grand finals match, Gen.G emerged victorious against T1 with a nail-biting 3-2 performance. This victory makes Gen.G the first team to secure four consecutive titles in the LCK Spring Split, solidifying their position as a dominant force in the league. Led by Chovy, Gen.G showcased their prowess and secured their fifth LCK split win overall, marking the peak of their incredible run.

A Clash of Titans

The series began with Gen.G displaying a convincing performance, aiming to replicate their prior success against T1 in the group stage. They had previously defeated their rivals back-to-back, giving them a psychological advantage. On the other hand, T1 drew strength from their impressive performances in the Worlds, fueling their morale and momentum for this momentous matchup.

The crowd had a spectacle on their platter with Gen.G facing T1. Image via LCK/Flickr

The series unfolded as a back-and-forth battle that reached a decisive fifth game. The outcome of each match heavily relied on strategic drafting decisions. Notably, in the third game, Canyon, the former Worlds-winning jungler, responded to a solo kill from Oner in the jungle by selecting Kha-Zix, a champion he had never played before. This surprising move challenged Oner’s dueling potential on Xin Zhao and put an end to his four-match win streak with the champion.

Game five showcased Gen. G’s top laner, Kiin, who picked K’Sante and displayed an exceptional performance. He solo killed Zeus’s Zac twice and became a significant problem for T1 by absorbing most of the damage in team fights. Kiin’s exceptional play allowed Zeri and Corki to keep T1 at bay and secured him the finals MVP award. This victory also marked Kiin’s first-ever LCK title after his long-standing presence in the Korean League. In a post-match conference, he expressed his emotions by stating, “I told myself I wouldn’t cry today. I am feeling so emotional right now. I’ll make sure to show a great performance at MSI.”

The showdown between T1 and Gen.G naturally revolved around the clash between their star mid-laners: Faker and Chovy. This match marked their 100th encounter, with Chovy demonstrating superior performance in recent years, particularly in the LCK. He has consistently outshined Faker and cemented himself as a prominent figure in the regional Korean league.

The high stakes of this matchup attracted a record-breaking number of viewers. According to Esports Charts, the intense five-match series achieved the highest-ever peak viewership for the LCK, with 2.3 million people tuning in to non-Chinese broadcasts. This viewership exceeded the peak of LCK Summer 2023 by 800,000 viewers and even surpassed last year’s Mid-Season Invitational.

As T1 prepares for the play-in round of MSI 2024, they seek a change in their fortune, while Gen.G relishes the advantage of a group-stage seed. Despite the format change that relegates the LCK runner-up to the play-in stage, both teams remain strong contenders for the MSI title.

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