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First Season Victories for Vitality and Giants

Vitality and Giants Claim Victories in Second Week of European LCS

The second week of the European LCS regular season came to an end, with Vitality and Giants emerging as the victors in their respective matches.

In Sunday’s game, French team Vitality achieved a 2-0 victory over struggling team Origen. While it seemed like Vitality would easily secure the win after dominating the first game, the second game proved to be more challenging.

At around 10 minutes into the match, Vitality made a risky move that resulted in Origen eliminating three of their players and subsequently taking down several more. Despite these setbacks, Vitality managed to maintain their lead by successfully bringing down Origen’s towers.

As Vitality’s lead continued to grow, a failed Baron attempt by Origen allowed Vitality to gain even more gold. Despite Origen’s efforts to hold on, Vitality ultimately pushed into their base and ended the game, and the series, after 43 minutes.

Meanwhile, Giants and ROCCAT engaged in a three-game series, with Giants emerging as the winners. Giants’ jungler, Jonas “Memento” Elmarghichi, played a crucial role in the team’s victory, showcasing impressive performances on Kha’Zix in both the first and final games. With a total of 11 kills in each game, Memento effectively controlled ROCCAT and alleviated pressure from his teammates.

These results place Origen and ROCCAT at the bottom of their respective groups, while Vitality and Giants secure their first victories of the season.

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