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Evil Geniuses Maintain Mid-Season Showdown Hopes with Week 6 Victory Against TSM

TSM and Evil Geniuses Battle in an Epic Showdown

TSM and Evil Geniuses have both had their fair share of ups and downs this split. One day they can defeat top contenders, and the next they struggle at the bottom of the league.

Evil Geniuses Triumphs in a Thrilling Match

When two of the most inconsistent teams in the league meet, anything can happen. In their recent clash, Evil Geniuses came out on top after a 37-minute battle.

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Evil Geniuses’ top laner, Impact, delivered an exceptional performance. He entered the game with the most kills among all top laners this season. Tonight, he ended the match with a remarkable score of 8/0/8 on Aatrox, making his contribution to kills 100 percent.

Impact’s versatility on different champions throughout the split has been instrumental in Evil Geniuses’ success. The team can rely on him if they make it to the Mid-Season Showdown.

Furthermore, Evil Geniuses’ victory also eases the tension for Dignitas fans. Previously tied with TSM for second place, Dignitas now has an opportunity to surpass them by defeating Team Liquid in a crucial game. The upcoming matchup between Dignitas and Cloud9 could lead to major changes in the LCS rankings.

Although this loss may impact TSM’s chances of securing the top seed in the Mid-Season Showdown, they are still likely to secure a playoff spot. TSM has favorable matchups against Immortals and Golden Guardians to close out the Spring Split. They are just one game behind the first-place team, but securing the top spot may require some extraordinary performances and assistance from other LCS teams.

As for Evil Geniuses, their victory keeps them in the playoff race. While they have distanced themselves from Immortals with this win, they still face a tough challenge against Team Liquid. A win in that matchup should secure their spot in the Mid-Season Showdown.