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Creative League of Legends Fan Designs Stunning High-Noonu and Willump Skin Concept

Saddle Up for the Wild West with This Fan-Made League of Legends Skin

An enthusiastic League of Legends player has created a unique skin for Nunu and Willump, inspired by the Wild West. The skin was originally shared on Reddit by user Zealousideal-Hat-319 and later posted on Arne R’s ArtStation. The artwork depicts the Freljord heroes venturing through the desert in search of a mysterious treasure marked by an “X” on a map.

Image via Arne R. on ArtStation

In this custom skin, the yeti, Willump, transforms into a bull with impressive horns while maintaining his adorable charm with a cheerful expression. Nunu, the young hero, accompanies him, sporting a cowboy ensemble with boots, leather gloves, and an iconic cowboy hat. His eyes gleam with awe as he gazes at the horizon.

The Wild West theme is not unfamiliar in League of Legends. The game already features 18 skins that transport players to the High Noon universe, each representing a champion from different regions of Runeterra. From Skarner to Darius, the High Noon universe is filled with demons, demon hunters, and enigmatic gods. However, Nunu, who devours heroic deeds for breakfast, will have no trouble adapting to this perilous realm.

If this incredible skin becomes available in the game, League of Legends players can expect a cowboy and his furry friend playing with the Biggest Tumbleweed Ever.

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