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Azir swiftly regains the LoL pro play throne after ban is lifted

The Return of Azir: League of Legends Mid Lane Meta

The Shuriman Emperor, Azir, has made a stunning comeback in the mid lane of League of Legends after being temporarily disabled from professional play. Patch 14.7 has brought him back to his prime, with an impressive 79% presence across all matches.

According to GOL.GG, Azir has participated in a total of 1,047 matches, boasting a solid 51.8% win rate. Notably, professional LoL esports player Lee “Aria” Ga-eul, who plays as a midlaner for the Japanese team DetonatioN FM, has achieved an outstanding 78% win rate with Azir and a remarkable KDA of 7.0.

Azir’s popularity is further solidified by his enduring presence as a midrange pick. Among the major four League of Legends regions, the LCK midlaners have shown a remarkable affinity for Azir, making him the most picked champion with a staggering 57% presence.

However, Azir’s journey has not been without its challenges. In patch 14.4, the champion faced a disabling bug that affected his passive ability, Disc of the Sun. The tower creation effect of this ability malfunctioned, leading to repeated sound and visual effects and, in some cases, game crashes. Fortunately, the issue has been resolved, and Azir is now fully functional.

While Azir’s comeback has been celebrated by many, some players on Reddit express concern about the champion’s impact on the meta. Redditor u/Jozoz highlights Azir’s versatility and power, noting his presence in lane, engage potential, and ability to function as a backline hard-carry. This comprehensive skill set positions Azir as a formidable force in the game.

Critics argue that Azir is too safe of an option, especially with his ultimate ability, which allows him to engage or disengage from team fights effectively. This versatility makes him a reliable choice for dictating the pace of matches. Furthermore, Azir’s scaling ability with items like Rabidon’s Deathcap amplifies his strength in the late game, making him a daunting opponent.

Despite the excitement surrounding Azir’s comeback, aspiring players hoping to emulate Faker’s championship performance may face difficulties. Azir’s low win rate indicates that he possesses a high skill ceiling, requiring players to master his mechanics and strategies to unlock his true potential.

In conclusion, Azir’s triumphant return to the League of Legends mid lane has captivated players worldwide. His overall popularity and remarkable presence in professional play serve as a testament to his versatility and impact on the meta. However, his extensive skill set and demanding playstyle necessitate dedication and practice from those seeking to harness the full potential of the Shuriman Emperor.

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