Aurelion Sol’s Win Rate in League of Legends Surges to All-Time High Shortly After Patch 14.3 Launches.

By Ishaan Khatri 64 Views

Aurelion Sol wreaking havoc in League of Legends during Year of the Dragon

A cosmic dragon is causing chaos once again in the world of League of Legends, just in time for the Year of the Dragon festivities.

Within hours of the release of Patch 14.3 on live servers, Aurelion Sol achieved a 57% win rate, making him the highest-performing champion in the game. This increase in power comes as a result of several buffs aimed at compensating for the loss of valuable items in the new season. Consequently, the Star Forger’s ban and pick rates have skyrocketed, and we can expect these numbers to fluctuate as more players explore the changes over the next few days.

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