A Single LoL Mage Dominates 3 Roles, Including AD Carry

By Ishaan Khatri 72 Views

The Versatile Rise of Twisted Fate in League of Legends Season 14

Twisted Fate in Season 14 has reached remarkable heights in League of Legends, surpassing expectations by excelling in three different roles in both ranked queues and professional play.

In the current meta, Twisted Fate has become exceptionally powerful, allowing him to be played in various roles. He remains a strong threat in the mid lane, and surprisingly, he has also proven to be a force to reckon with in both top and bot lane. With a win rate of 52 percent, as reported by the League stat-tracking website Lolalytics, it is evident that Twisted Fate continues to dominate across multiple positions. Additionally, his pick rate is steadily rising as more players discover his immense potential.

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