3 new additions to League of Legends’ beloved Blood Moon skin line are now available

By Ishaan Khatri
Aatrox wielding his sword and looking down.

League of Legends’ Blood Moon Skin Line Returns with Three New Skins

League of Legends’ highly popular and well-liked Blood Moon skin line is making a comeback with the introduction of three new skins. The game developer, Riot Games, recently revealed that Zed, Fiddlesticks, and Zyra will be receiving new Blood Moon skins. These skins will feature the iconic red, purple, and black theme, as well as the atmospheric and foreboding darkness that fans have come to associate with the Blood Moon skin line since its debut in 2017.

A Spooky Addition: Fiddlesticks

Out of the three new skins, the Fiddlesticks skin is undoubtedly the spookiest. The scarecrow champion appears even more demonic than usual, adorned with a haunting ensemble of lifeless feathers, armor, and souls. Since Fiddlesticks’ rework in 2020, his skins have consistently offered a bone-chilling experience, and the new Blood Moon skin is no exception—it could possibly be his most terrifying one yet.

Blood Moon Skin Line: A Populated Lineup

The Blood Moon skin line in League of Legends is one of the game’s most extensive, encompassing a total of 19 champions. The line has seen multiple additions every other year since 2017. Among these champions, Blood Moon Aatrox possesses a prestigious edition skin. However, this batch of Blood Moon skins does not include any prestige versions for Zyra, Zed, or Fiddlesticks.

The Divided Blood Moon

According to the League of Legends Fandom wiki, the Blood Moon skin line is divided into two halves: the Blood Moon “cultists” and the Blood Moon “demons.” It remains uncertain how these three new skins will align with this divide. Speculations suggest that Zed and Zyra are likely to be cultists, while Fiddlesticks is expected to be a demon. Only time will tell which side these champions will fall on.

Release Date and Proximity Testing

As of now, the release date for these new Blood Moon skins has not been announced. However, they are anticipated to go live sometime during the League Patch 14.8 cycle later this month. For players eager to try out these skins, they are currently available for testing on the League Public Beta Environment (PBE).

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