League of Legends developers implement new changes to Smite unlock timing for improved jungle learning experience

Riot Games Implements a Drastic Change to League of Legends

Riot Games is making a big change to improve the early League of Legends experience for new players. They are reducing the summoner level required to unlock Smite, a jungle summoner spell, from nine to three. This change aims to make it easier for fresh players to learn how to jungle.

Unlocking Smite at a Lower Level

Currently, new League players have to reach summoner level nine to unlock Smite. However, Riot is updating this requirement. On the PBE testing realms, they are lowering the unlock level to three. This change will soon be implemented on live servers.

A Long Awaited Change

This change to early League gameplay has been long overdue, and players have been asking for it for nearly a decade. By unlocking Smite at a lower level, new players can start learning how to jungle almost as soon as they begin playing the game.

Benefits for New Players

The purpose of unlocking Smite earlier is to allow new players to dive into the jungle and learn about camp timers, Smite mechanics, and jungle pathing. This change makes the jungle role more accessible to those who are eager to learn and explore different playstyles.

However, one potential issue is that experienced players with alternate accounts, known as “smurfs,” will also have access to Smite earlier. This could lead to new players facing more experienced junglers in matches.

Fortunately, this change is not expected to significantly impact lower-ranked players, as an account still needs to reach level 30 before participating in ranked League games. Overall, the change aims to make the jungle role more accessible and enjoyable for all players.

Now, the community anticipates that Riot Games will continue to make improvements and make more summoner spells available at earlier levels.

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