Jekaterina Dubnicka Attends Q1 2024 Meetup on Behalf of Slotsjudge

By Saloni Sehmi
Jekaterina Dubnicka Attends Q1 2024 Meetup on Behalf of Slotsjudge

European Gaming Q1 2024 Meetup: Insights and Discussions in the iGaming Industry

The European Gaming Q1 2024 Meetup, organized in partnership with HIPTHER, is the first event of the year that brings together the latest topics and discussions within the European iGaming industry. During the event, Jekaterina Dubnicka, the Marketing and Communications Manager for Slotsjudge, participated in a one-to-one question-and-answer session with Zoltan Tuendik, the host and co-founder of HIPTHER.

About the European Gaming Q1 2024 Meetup

On February 28, 2024, this online event focused on various topics such as innovation and marketing in the iGaming industry. It provided insights into industry strategies, technological advancements, and addressed questions regarding the impact of artificial intelligence and adapting to industry trends.

Dubnicka’s Participation and Key Takeaways

Dubnicka represented Slotsjudge during the meetup, discussing core subjects and values that are important to the brand and the industry as a whole. These included gamification, community engagement, consumer personalization, and trend usage to deliver relevant content. The event also highlighted the challenges of adapting to changing consumer behaviors and the importance of providing accurate, factual content.

The Future Implications

Participating in the meetup allowed Dubnicka to address strategies and challenges within the iGaming industry. It emphasized the need to connect with the community on a human level and the cautious use of artificial intelligence to ensure content compliance. Going forward, Slotsjudge remains committed to responsible entertainment, innovation, and personalized services for their audience.

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