ByteDance Focuses on Stability as it Restructures Gaming Business

By Saloni Sehmi
ByteDance Restructures Gaming Business, Emphasizes Stability

ByteDance’s Gaming Business Returns to Incubation Stage

On March 14th, Chinese media outlet Jiemian News reported that ByteDance, the parent company of TikTok, has announced that its gaming business will be returning to the incubation stage after strategic adjustments.

Organizational Structure Changes

As part of the restructuring, ByteDance’s human resources head, Hua Wei, will now oversee the gaming business. This includes managing user-generated content, Moonton, and Nuverse. The former head of Nuverse, Yan Shou, will be transferred to the finance department. Additionally, a new secondary department called UGC has been established, with Luo Ji as the department head.

Evolution of the ONE Distribution Studio

The ONE distribution studio, established by Nuverse in 2022, has evolved from ByteDance’s early “Oasis Plan.” It focuses on RPG, strategy, shooting, European and American casual, and card sports games. Wang Kuiwu, the head of Oasis Studio, and Hu Bing, the head of Youai Division, now report to Hua Wei.

End of the “Yan Shou Era”

Yan Shou, who joined ByteDance’s gaming business in 2015, oversaw the company’s self-developed and agency gaming business. However, with the recent restructuring, his era has come to an end. Hua Wei, the newly appointed head of the gaming business, has a background in investment and human resource management.

Nuverse’s Successes and Contraction

Nuverse, ByteDance’s game development and distribution brand, has seen success both domestically and internationally. Their game “Crystal Core” achieved significant revenue in its first week and remained on the top-selling list for a month in the domestic market. However, Nuverse recently underwent a large-scale contraction, divesting certain games while maintaining operations.

Focus on Innovation and Imaginative Projects

ByteDance’s CEO, Liang Rubo, believes that the gaming business should focus on more basic, innovative, and imaginative projects. The company aims to invest its resources in projects that align with its long-term vision.

Moonton’s Status and Rumors

Moonton, a game company acquired by ByteDance, is currently not for sale and remains a wholly-owned subsidiary. Despite the restructuring, Moonton continues to operate independently with no impact on its business.

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