Alibaba’s Lingxi Games Announces Leadership Transition to Foster Younger Executives

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Lingxi Games Announces Leadership Transition

Alibaba Group’s video games division, Lingxi Games, has announced that its leadership team will step down to make way for younger management, according to an internal memo. This move aligns with Alibaba’s strategy of promoting younger individuals born after 1985 to management positions to maintain a startup mindset and prevent stagnation.

Alibaba’s Restructuring Efforts

Last year, Alibaba implemented a sweeping restructuring plan, adopting a holding company management model and dividing its business into six main units. As part of this reorganization, the company has also witnessed leadership changes in its domestic e-commerce, cloud, and local services divisions.

Transition Details

Zhan Zhonghui, the current head of Lingxi Games, stated in a company-wide email that he, along with two other executives, will step down by the end of March. He will be succeeded by Zhou Bingshu, an experienced game producer. While Zhan is approximately 50 years old, Zhou is in his mid-30s, as per an anonymous source familiar with the matter.

About Lingxi Games

Lingxi Games gained recognition for its mobile game “Three Kingdom Tactics,” which was released in 2019 and generated over $1 billion in revenue within the first two years. The strategy game allows players to compete in building empires. Notably, Zhou, the incoming leader, produced this successful game. Lingxi Games was established in 2011 by Zhan after working at NetEase Inc for more than ten years. In 2017, it was acquired by Alibaba for $1 billion and transformed into Lingxi Games.


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