Alex Botez Challenges Fellow Chess Content Creators to $50,000 Spin & Gold ELO Challenge

By Saloni Sehmi
Alex Botez issues a $50,000 Spin & Gold ELO Challenge To Fellow Chess Content Creators

Alex Botez Challenges Chess Content Creators in Spin & Gold ELO Challenge

Renowned chess player and GGPoker’s brand ambassador, Alex Botez, has recently announced the Spin & Gold ELO Challenge. This exciting event will showcase the skills of some of the most engaging chess content creators from around the world as they compete on GGPoker’s digital platform throughout the month of May. With a prize pool of $50,000 up for grabs, these talented individuals will put their chess prowess to the test at the poker table.

The ELO Challenge participants will engage in GGPoker’s innovative Spin & Gold poker games, examining whether their exceptional chess abilities can translate into success in the world of poker. Each player will be assigned an ELO rating, a system commonly used in competitive chess to rank players based on their relative skill levels. The participant with the highest ELO rank by May 30 will secure the coveted title of GGPoker’s inaugural Spin & Gold ELO Challenge champion, as well as the $50,000 winner’s prize.

Chess Content Creators Taking on the Challenge

The impressive lineup of confirmed content creators includes Raffael Chess from Brazil, Dina Belenk from the USA, Jan Gustafsson from Germany, Eric Hansen (Chessbrahs) and Aman Hambleton (Chessbrahs) from Canada, and Jose Pepitoperu from Mexico. Additionally, Nemo Zhou, a Chinese-Canadian chess player, will also participate in the challenge.

Alex Botez, GGPoker Brand Ambassador, expressed her excitement about joining GGPoker and the opportunity to share her passion for poker with fellow chess players globally. She believes that the skills and traits that make a good chess player can translate seamlessly into the world of poker, predicting an intense and exhilarating competition. Botez anticipates that many chess players will climb the ranks in the poker world in the coming years.

Spin & Gold Game: A Thrilling Poker Variant on GGPoker

GGPoker’s Spin & Gold game is a fast-paced single-table poker variant designed for three or six players. Players can join the action with buy-ins as low as $0.25. In each game, the prizes are determined by a random multiplier, adding an element of unpredictability. For example, in a $1 game with three participants, the prize pool can potentially reach an impressive $100,000.

New players who join GGPoker can take advantage of the poker room’s Welcome Bonus, earn additional rewards through the Honeymoon for Newcomers promotion, and gain automatic entry into GGPoker’s Fish Buffet loyalty program, which offers regular cash prizes.

Don’t miss out on the intense competition and thrilling poker action as these chess content creators battle it out in the Spin & Gold ELO Challenge on GGPoker. Stay tuned for updates on this exciting event and witness the intersection of chess and poker expertise!

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