Jungle Champions Adjustments in League of Legends Patch 11.11 Preview

Champion Nerfs and Buffs Coming in Patch 11.11 for League of Legends Mid-Season Invitational

Some of the popular champion picks from the Mid-Season Invitational of League of Legends will be affected by upcoming nerfs in the next patch.

The gameplay design director, Mark “Scruffy” Yetter, has given a preview of the tentative buff and nerf list for Patch 11.11, which includes a total of 16 champions. While it was expected for Lee Sin and Rumble jungle to receive nerfs due to their high pick-ban rate at MSI, underperformers Seraphine and Hecarim are getting some improvements.

Lee Sin: A Flex Pick on the Rise

Lee Sin has struggled after the introduction of the new item system, unable to keep up with other fast-clearing junglers. However, with some buffs, the Blind Monk has emerged as a flex pick, capable of playing in the mid or top lanes. At MSI, Lee Sin has been picked in 22 games with a pick-ban rate of 88.5%, according to Leaguepedia. Riot will likely focus on his laning abilities, reducing his wave clear and early damage.

Rumble Jungle: Balancing the Mechanized Menace

Rumble jungle has been dominating the competitive stage, with an 85.2% pick-ban rate at MSI. The Mechanized Menace deals a significant amount of damage and can clear camps quickly. To bring more balance, Riot may slow down his clear speed or increase the cooldown on his ultimate, limiting his jungle power.

Hecarim: Adjusting a Previous Overnerf

Hecarim has once again made it to the patch notes, but this time not for nerfs. In Patch 11.9, Riot made some changes that affected Hecarim’s base stats, Rampage, Spirit of Dread, and Devastating Charge. Since then, Hecarim’s win rate has been around 45% in Platinum ranks and above, according to u.gg. Riot might revert some of those changes to improve his early game performance.

Scruffy will provide more detailed balance changes in tomorrow’s patch preview.

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