Ivern’s Association with the Jungle in League of Legends PBE is Over

Ivern’s Preseason Changes: A Bug Worth Noting

Ivern, also known as the Green Father, is a unique jungle character in League of Legends. Unlike other junglers, he cannot attack jungle monsters directly. Instead, he creates magical groves that grow over time and eventually grant him gold and experience. However, on the League of Legends PBE, which is currently testing preseason changes, Ivern’s relationship with the jungle has changed. For the first time ever, he can now attack jungle monsters, but be aware, they will fight back.

Vandril, a well-known bug hunter, has discovered this new development. Ivern can now engage with jungle camps and they will retaliate aggressively. If not reset or smitten, the monsters can even kill Ivern. This interaction was initially observed with the Red Brambleback camp but extends to other camps like raptors as well. Despite being in combat, Ivern can still use his passive ability and smite the camp to stop these deadly attacks.

It is important to note that this interaction is a bug and an unintended consequence of the preseason changes that were implemented on Oct. 3. Rest assured, Riot Games will address this issue promptly. In the meantime, if you are playing as Ivern, you can continue to clear your jungle as usual, just be cautious about casting Rootcaller near jungle camps.

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