IShowSpeed Continues to Experience Swatting Incidents During Live Streams

IShowSpeed, Popular Streamer, Falls Victim to Swatting Attacks

IShowSpeed, a renowned streamer with over 20 million subscribers, recently experienced a harrowing ordeal when he was swatted on two separate occasions within the same week while streaming from his new home.

A video posted on X (formerly Twitter) on November 21 captured the distressing moments when IShowSpeed noticed a disturbance while spectating a game. He quickly realized what was happening and became visibly distressed, exclaiming “oh my god” before leaving his seat to investigate.

An image from the stream showed a police officer aiming a gun, presumably directed at IShowSpeed.

Fortunately, IShowSpeed was unharmed during these incidents. However, during his next stream on November 22, the police showed up once again after being called for the second time that week. In a video posted on X, IShowSpeed received a phone call from his assistant Slipz, who exclaimed that the police were at the door again.

Slipz, visibly angry, defended IShowSpeed and their home, explaining that they had informed the police about their identity when they moved in to prevent such incidents. He expressed frustration that the police did not provide any advance notice, as these situations can be life-threatening.

IShowSpeed, visibly distressed, stated, “I’m about to quit YouTube, bruh. I can’t do this anymore.” The video ends with IShowSpeed walking away from his computer, and he has not streamed live since.

Swatting is every streamer’s worst nightmare. It puts lives at risk, is unnecessary, and can have catastrophic consequences. Not only is it illegal, but it has also resulted in severe penalties, such as a 20-year prison sentence for a swatting incident in 2017 that claimed a gamer’s life.

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