Is the Jungle Overpowered? League of Legends Streamers and Pros Agree ‘Yes’

Jungle Role in League of Legends: Is it too strong?

Legendary AD carry Konstantinos “FORG1VEN” Tzortziou believes that the jungle role in League of Legends is too powerful and needs to be nerfed. He is not alone in this opinion. Many big-time players, including Apdo and LS, agree that the jungle role has become too strong and carries too much responsibility.

The Issue with the Jungle Role

Playing jungle has always been notoriously difficult. The jungler controls neutral objectives and assists teammates in defense or attack on lane opponents. This role has a direct impact on all other roles, but it can be overwhelming for the jungler, especially if they are being outperformed by the enemy team’s jungler.

Shifting Focus in the Game

According to FORG1VEN, winning the early stages of the game is no longer determined by winning one’s lane, but instead by shutting down the enemy jungler. Apdo, as well as other players, also believe that the game has shifted from outplaying your lane to thwarting the enemy jungler or avoiding devastating lane ganks. This has resulted in the jungler having the highest impact and carrying potential in the game.

Possible Solutions

Some players, such as Imaqtpie and Akaadian, have raised concerns about how the jungle role has become more focused on farming and less on predictions and calculations. They believe that the jungle camps are overpowered and grant too much experience and gold as rewards. In order to address these issues, Riot Games could lower the rewards for clearing the jungle, place a greater emphasis on ganking and supporting, and reduce the importance of farming the jungle.

It remains to be seen whether Riot Games will make any changes to the jungle role before the new season begins.

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