Is Kai’Sa related to Kassadin in any way?

Kai’Sa and Kassadin: The Connection Explored

In the League of Legends universe, the relationships between champions play a significant role in shaping their identities. One of the most intriguing connections is between Kai’Sa and Kassadin, which has sparked speculation among fans.

Kai’Sa, Daughter of The Void

Many fans believe that Kai’Sa is the daughter of Kassadin, although there is no official confirmation from Riot Games. The nicknames “The Void Walker” for Kassadin and “Daughter of The Void” for Kai’Sa strongly suggest this connection. Let’s delve deeper into their backgrounds to understand why.

Background of Kai’Sa and Kassadin

Kassadin and Kai’Sa both hail from the same region, known as “The Void.” Kai’Sa survived the devouring of their village by The Void when she was just 10 years old. Kassadin, seeking revenge for the loss of his wife and child in the same event, became the only other survivor. This shared tragedy binds them together.

Kai’Sa spent a decade in The Void, adapting to its harsh conditions with the help of a symbiote suit. Her survival instincts transformed her into a formidable hunter. Meanwhile, Kassadin honed his skills as he fought against The Void, driven by his desire for vengeance.

Kai’Sa’s Relation to Kassadin Hinted in Voice Lines

The voice lines between Kai’Sa and Kassadin on the battlefield contribute to the theory of their father-daughter relationship. Kai’Sa’s lines evoke memories of her father and the scents of home. In one line, she even questions if it could be true. While unofficial, these lines provide compelling evidence of their connection.

Bel’Veth’s Discourse with Kai’Sa

A recent addition to League of Legends, Bel’Veth, further hinted at the relationship between Kai’Sa and Kassadin. In a short story titled “Pinwheel,” Bel’Veth reveals that only Kai’Sa and her father survived The Void. Kai’Sa is left astounded by this information, unaware that her father is Kassadin. The story strengthens the theory of their familial bond.

Kassadin in the Music Skin Line Universe

K/DA, the music-based skin line in League of Legends, presents yet another dimension to the Kai’Sa and Kassadin connection. In a K/DA comic, Kai’Sa’s human father figure accompanies her on her journey. Although it’s part of a different universe, this portrayal further supports the theory that Kassadin is Kai’Sa’s father.


While Riot Games has not officially confirmed the relationship between Kai’Sa and Kassadin, the various voice lines, lore references, and appearances in alternate universes imply their connection. It is ultimately up to individual interpretation, as the League of Legends universe continues to unfold. What are your thoughts on this intriguing theory?

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