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Exclusive Merchandise Line Launched by Ukrainian Cyber L&G Team, Led by Alona Shevtsova

Exclusive Merchandise Line Launched by Ukrainian Cyber L&G Team, Led by Alona Shevtsova

Ukrainian E-Sports Team Launches Exclusive Merchandise Line

Ukrainian e-sports team L&G is excited to announce the launch of their exclusive merchandise line. Fans can now purchase the L&G Black Jersey, gaming sleeve, cap, and gaming mat from the official website.

Support your Favorite Team in Style

Fans and esports enthusiasts have the opportunity to support their favorite team in style and enhance their home CS:GO gaming setups with new equipment.

The Journey of L&G Team

L&G Team has quickly risen to success, achieving victories in major tournaments and ranking among the top 100 teams globally. They have a strong presence in the European ESEA League playoffs and hold a prestigious spot in the top 10 among Ukrainian CS:GO teams.

The Vision of Alona Shevtsova

The L&G eSports team was founded in 2021 by Alona Shevtsova, a Ukrainian businesswoman and philanthropist. She is known for her involvement in the Ukrainian fintech community and is the founder of the LEO International Payment System. Alona Shevtsova uses her business earnings to support charitable, educational, and cultural projects, as well as the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

“We are excited to offer our fans the opportunity to express their support for L&G Team through our exclusive merchandise line,” said Mykhailo Malkiss Shulga, a sniper at L&G Team. “The launch of these items is a testament to the passion and dedication of our team, and we look forward to seeing our fans proudly donning the L&G brand.”

L&G Team offers convenient delivery options for fans in Ukraine and worldwide, including international shipping. To explore the entire L&G merchandise line and make a purchase, visit

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