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A Game-Changing Move in Gaming and Tech: Zoltan Tundik Organizes Event Merging

A Strategic Shift in Gaming and Tech: Zoltan Tundik Announces Event Consolidation

A Strategic Shift in Gaming and Tech: Prague Gaming & Tech Summit Consolidates Events

HIPTHER Agency, a leader in organizing conferences in the gaming and tech industry, recently announced a significant evolution in their event lineup. Instead of separate events in Central and Eastern Europe, they have consolidated them into a single, impactful summit – the Prague Gaming & Tech Summit.

This strategic decision was made to adapt to the dynamic changes in the industry and deliver enhanced value to participants. Zoltan Tundik, Co-Founder and Head of Business at HIPTHER Agency, shared his thoughts on this development:

“Dear Valued Members of the Gaming and Tech Community,

As our industry continues to evolve, our dedication to providing outstanding experiences and value remains strong. We are grateful for the support and enthusiasm you have shown towards our events, especially the CEEGC. Your participation has been crucial to our journey.

We are thrilled to announce that the Prague Gaming & Tech Summit will incorporate all the key features of the CEEGC, solidifying our commitment to the Central and Eastern European, Balkan, and D-A-CH regions. This strategic move aims to enhance the quality, relevance, and overall value of our events.

The new summit will combine the strengths of both events, introducing innovative elements and broader networking and learning opportunities.

We understand that change can bring mixed emotions. The CEEGC has been a cornerstone of our portfolio, and its essence will be celebrated in the Prague Gaming & Tech Summit.

This consolidation reflects our commitment to the growth of the gaming and tech industry. We aim to create a platform that truly resonates with the needs of our community. Your support and active participation are crucial in this new chapter.

Join us in making the Prague Gaming & Tech Summit a symbol of innovation and excellence. Your insights and involvement will drive our industry forward.

Thank you for your continued trust and support. We look forward to welcoming you to this exciting new chapter.

Zoltan Tundik
Co-Founder and Head of Business, HIPTHER Agency”

The Prague Gaming & Tech Summit, scheduled for March 26-27, will be a must-attend event for industry professionals. Over two days, the summit will feature more than 100 distinguished speakers, engaging in insightful panel discussions about the latest trends and challenges in gaming and tech.

With around 250 participants expected to attend, this summit provides unparalleled networking opportunities for a diverse mix of industry stakeholders. Additionally, there will be various networking gatherings designed to foster meaningful connections and explore potential collaborations and partnerships.

The summit will also showcase the latest innovations on an expansive networking/exhibit floor, where participants can interact with exhibitors and explore business opportunities.

Furthermore, the summit will host the GamingTECH CEE Awards, recognizing excellence in the gaming and tech industry and celebrating contributions and achievements.

In summary, the Prague Gaming & Tech Summit is not just an event but a milestone in the gaming and tech calendar. It’s where ideas meet execution, where trends are born, and the future of the industry takes shape.

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