How to Revive Incapacitated Pals in the Game Palworld

How to Revive Incapacitated Pals in Palworld

In Palworld, an upcoming game that combines elements of Pokémon and survival simulation, players will have the ability to tame various creatures, known as Pals, and form teams with them. However, during battles, Pals can become incapacitated and require revival. This guide will explain how to revive incapacitated Pals and get them back into the fight.

Methods of Reviving Pals

There are a few methods players can use to bring their incapacitated Pals back to life. Here are two effective strategies to revive your fallen companions:

1. Healing Items: The most common method to revive your Pals is by using specific healing items. These items can be obtained by purchasing them from NPCs or finding them while exploring the game world. Once acquired, you can use these healing items from your inventory to restore your incapacitated Pals to full health.

2. Personal Skills: In Palworld, players can acquire various personal skills. One of these skills includes the ability to revive Pals. By leveling up and investing skill points into this ability, players can gain the power to revive Pals without the need for healing items. This option provides a convenient and resourceful way to save your incapacitated companions during battles.

Steps to Revive Incapacitated Pals

Now that you know the methods, let’s walk through the steps to revive an incapacitated Pal:

1. Acquire Healing Items: Make sure you have healing items in your inventory. These can be purchased from NPCs or found while exploring the game world. Having these items readily available will ensure you are always prepared to revive your fallen Pals.

2. Navigate to the Incapacitated Pal: Locate your incapacitated Pal on the battlefield. This can be done by visually identifying the fallen creature or checking the in-game map for their location. Once you’ve found them, approach the Pal to proceed with the revival process.

3. Use Healing Item: Open your inventory and select the appropriate healing item. Use this item on the incapacitated Pal to begin the revival process. The healing item will restore their health and bring them back into the battle.

4. Invest Skill Points (optional): If you have acquired the necessary personal skill to revive Pals, you can skip using healing items altogether. Instead, invest skill points into the revival ability and directly bring your incapacitated Pal back to life. This skill-based approach saves the hassle of needing specific healing items.


Reviving incapacitated Pals in Palworld is crucial to maintain your team’s strength and success in battles. By using healing items or personal skills, players can quickly bring their fallen companions back into action. Remember to always have healing items in your inventory and consider investing skill points for a convenient way to revive your Pals.

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