How to Resolve Encumbrance in Palworld: Optimal Methods for Transporting Resources

How to Solve Being Encumbered in Palworld: The Best Way to Transport Resources

Are you struggling with being encumbered in Palworld? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! In this guide, we’ll show you the best way to transport resources effectively, so you can avoid feeling weighed down while exploring this exciting game.

Why Being Encumbered is a Problem in Palworld

Being encumbered in Palworld can hinder your progress and gameplay experience. When you carry too many resources at once, your movement speed decreases significantly, making it difficult to navigate and explore the game world effectively. This can also make you an easy target for enemies, putting you at a disadvantage during battles.

Tips to Overcome Being Encumbered

1. Upgrade Your Backpack:
Invest in upgrading your backpack as soon as possible. By increasing its capacity, you’ll be able to carry more resources without becoming encumbered. Look out for crafting recipes or quests that offer backpack upgrades to enhance your carrying capabilities.

2. Use Palmon Transporters:
Palmon Transporters are incredible companions in Palworld that can carry resources for you. These lovable creatures can lighten your load, allowing you to gather and transport more items. Simply assign your resources to them, and they’ll follow you, carrying the extra weight effortlessly.

3. Utilize Storage Boxes:
Setting up storage boxes in strategic locations can help you lighten your load and prevent being encumbered. Place them near resource-rich areas, allowing you to deposit your items and continue gathering without worry. Later, you can retrieve the stored resources conveniently.

4. Plan Efficient Routes:
When gathering resources, plan your routes efficiently to minimize travel time and avoid being encumbered for long periods. Identify key resource locations, map out your journey, and consider utilizing checkpoints where you can deposit excess items before continuing. This way, you can maintain a steady pace and optimize your resource collection.


Being encumbered in Palworld can be frustrating, but with these tips, you can effectively transport resources without hindering your gameplay. Upgrade your backpack, rely on Palmon Transporters, utilize storage boxes, and plan efficient routes to optimize your resource gathering experience. Say goodbye to being weighed down and enjoy exploring Palworld to the fullest!

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