How to obtain and utilize Jolthog Cryst’s Gloves in Palworld

How to Get and Use Jolthog Cryst’s Gloves in Palworld

Jolthog Cryst’s Gloves are a powerful item in the popular game Palworld. These gloves can provide gamers with a unique advantage in their gameplay. If you want to increase your chances of obtaining these gloves and learn how to effectively use them, this guide is for you.

Obtaining Jolthog Cryst’s Gloves

To get your hands on Jolthog Cryst’s Gloves in Palworld, you need to follow a few steps. Firstly, you must defeat Jolthog Cryst, the boss character in a high-level dungeon. This boss is challenging, so you need a well-organized strategy and powerful equipment.

Once you defeat Jolthog Cryst, there is a chance that he will drop his legendary gloves. The drop rate is low, making it a coveted item among players. However, don’t lose hope if you don’t get it on your first try. Keep trying and eventually, you will have the chance to obtain Jolthog Cryst’s Gloves.

Using Jolthog Cryst’s Gloves

Once you have successfully obtained the gloves, it’s crucial to understand how to use them effectively. These gloves grant you increased attack power, allowing you to deal more damage to your enemies. This can be especially useful when facing tough opponents or clearing challenging dungeons.

Additionally, Jolthog Cryst’s Gloves have a unique ability to temporarily stun your opponents. This can give you an advantage in battles, allowing you to gain the upper hand and secure victory. Utilize this stunning ability strategically to control the flow of the game and dominate your opponents.


In conclusion, Jolthog Cryst’s Gloves are a sought-after item in Palworld that can significantly enhance your gameplay. By defeating Jolthog Cryst and obtaining these gloves, you can increase your attack power and stun your opponents. Keep persevering until you obtain this powerful item and make the most out of its abilities to excel in Palworld.

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