How to Obtain a Crusher in Palworld

How to Obtain a Crusher in Palworld

Palworld recently added a brand new feature that enables players to acquire a powerful weapon called the Crusher. This guide will explain the steps you need to follow in order to obtain this coveted item.

Step 1: Collect the Required Materials

In order to craft a Crusher, you will first need to gather specific materials. These materials include 50 Metal Scraps, 20 Bolts, and 5 Power Cores. Be sure to explore different areas of Palworld to find these resources. Additionally, you can purchase the materials from other players in the in-game marketplace.

Step 2: Locate the Crafting Station

Once you have collected the necessary materials, you’ll need to find a Crafting Station. These stations can typically be found in cities or villages within Palworld. Keep an eye out for signs or ask locals for directions.

Step 3: Craft the Crusher

Once at the Crafting Station, interact with it to access the crafting menu. Look for the Crusher recipe and select it. If you have all the required materials in your inventory, the game will allow you to craft the Crusher. Confirm the crafting process and voila! You now have the Crusher in your possession.

Remember, the Crusher is a powerful weapon that will aid you in your adventures throughout Palworld. Be sure to use it wisely and enjoy the advantages it offers in combat.

With these steps, you can quickly obtain the Crusher and enhance your gameplay experience in Palworld. Good luck on your quest!

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