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How to Obtain Coal in Palworld

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If you’ve been playing Palworld, you probably know that coal is a valuable resource in the game. Coal is used for various purposes, such as crafting items and powering machines. In this guide, we’ll go through different methods to obtain coal in Palworld.

Kill Hulks and Mine Coal Veins

One way to obtain coal in Palworld is by defeating Hulks. Hulks are powerful creatures found in the game that drop coal upon defeat. When you encounter a Hulk, make sure you have a good strategy and the necessary equipment to successfully defeat it.

Another method to obtain coal is by mining coal veins. These coal veins can be found scattered throughout the game world. Equip a pickaxe, approach a coal vein, and start mining to obtain coal.

Purchase Coal from Vendors

If you’re not keen on battling Hulks or searching for coal veins, you can always purchase coal from vendors. Vendors are non-playable characters (NPCs) that you can find in various locations across Palworld. They usually offer a variety of items, including coal. Make sure to bring enough currency to buy the desired amount of coal from them.

Trade with Other Players

Trading with other players is another option to acquire coal in Palworld. Interact with other players, build connections, and negotiate trades. You might find someone willing to exchange their coal for an item you possess or vice versa. Participating in the game’s community and engaging in trading can be a fun and efficient way to obtain coal.

In conclusion, there are several ways to obtain coal in Palworld. You can defeat Hulks, mine coal veins, purchase coal from vendors, or trade with other players. Utilize these methods to acquire the valuable resource and enhance your gameplay experience.

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