How to Locate and Capture Sweepa in Palworld

How to Find and Catch Sweepa in Palworld

Palworld, the highly popular simulation game, offers players the exciting opportunity to explore and collect various creatures known as Pals. One such Pal is Sweepa, a cute and mischievous creature that many players strive to find and add to their collection. In this guide, we will walk you through the process of locating and capturing Sweepa in Palworld.

Finding Sweepa

To begin your search for Sweepa, head to the lush forests and grassy meadows within Palworld. These regions are known to be the natural habitat of Sweepa. Keep an eye out for its distinctive appearance—a small and fluffy creature with vibrant colors and an energetic personality.

Tracking Sweepa

Once you have entered the appropriate area, utilize your Paltracker, a handy device that aids in identifying and tracking Pals. Activate your Paltracker and scan the surroundings for any traces of Sweepa. The device will display a signal when Sweepa is nearby, guiding you toward its location.

Capturing Sweepa

When you have successfully located Sweepa, it is time to capture it. Approach the creature gently and be prepared for its playful antics. Remember to keep a steady hand while using your Capture Ball, a specialized tool designed for collecting Pals. Aim carefully and release the Capture Ball to ensnare Sweepa within it.

Building a Connection

After capturing Sweepa, it is crucial to build a strong bond and gain its trust. Spend quality time with your new Pal, feed it, and engage in various activities together. This will increase your Pal’s loyalty and unlock new abilities.


Finding and catching Sweepa in Palworld is an exhilarating adventure that allows players to expand their collection of Pals. By following these simple steps—finding the right location, utilizing the Paltracker, capturing Sweepa with precision, and fostering a connection—you will soon embark on a rewarding journey with your newfound Pal. Keep exploring and enjoy all the wonders that Palworld has to offer!

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