How to locate and capture Cawgnito in Palworld

How to Find and Catch Cawgnito in Palworld

Looking for tips on how to find and catch Cawgnito in Palworld? Look no further! We’ve got you covered with a handy guide to help you capture these elusive creatures and add them to your collection.

Explore the Right Areas

To increase your chances of encountering Cawgnito, head to the areas where they are known to appear. These include lush forests, mountain ranges, and tranquil lakes. Be patient and observant, as Cawgnito can blend in with their surroundings, making them tricky to spot at first.

Bait and Trap Techniques

Using the right bait and trapping techniques can significantly improve your chances of successfully catching Cawgnito. They are particularly fond of Fruity Berries and Shiny Stones. Setting traps near their favorite hiding spots can also prove effective. Just be sure to approach slowly and quietly to avoid startling them.

Engage in Battles

Engaging in battles with Cawgnito can be a thrilling way to increase your capture opportunities. Use your other Palworld creatures to battle against them and weaken their defenses. Be mindful not to defeat them, as you want to leave them in a captureable state. Once weakened, throw a capture device at them to secure their inclusion in your collection.

Remember, capturing Cawgnito may require some persistence and strategy. Keep exploring, experimenting with different techniques, and don’t give up!


Whether you’re a seasoned Palworld player or new to the game, following these tips will certainly enhance your chances of finding and catching Cawgnito. Happy hunting!

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