How to Find and Catch Tocotoco in Palworld

How to Find and Catch Tocotoco in Palworld

Palworld is teeming with cute and fascinating creatures known as Tocotocos. These creatures come in various shapes and sizes, and it is every trainer’s dream to discover and catch them all. In this guide, we will provide some useful tips and tricks on how to find and catch Tocotocos in Palworld.

1. Explore Different Areas

To increase your chances of finding Tocotocos, it is important to explore various areas within Palworld. Each region offers unique environments that house different species of Tocotocos. Venture into forests, mountains, beaches, and other habitats to encounter a diverse range of these enchanting creatures.

2. Pay Attention to Time and Weather

Tocotocos have certain preferences for specific times and weather conditions. Some Tocotocos may only appear during the day, while others might come out at night. Similarly, certain weather patterns like rain or sunshine can attract specific Tocotocos. Keep a close eye on these factors to discover Tocotocos more effectively.

3. Use Lures and Special Items

Lures and special items can significantly assist you in attracting and catching Tocotocos. Some Tocotocos are drawn to particular types of food, while others are enticed by specific objects. Experiment with different lure types and special items to enhance your chances of encountering and capturing Tocotocos.

4. Employ Different Catching Techniques

There are various methods to catch Tocotocos in Palworld. Some Tocotocos may require stealth and patience, while others might need a more aggressive approach. It is crucial to adapt your catching technique based on the Tocotoco’s characteristics and behavior. Be prepared to try different strategies to successfully catch them all.


Finding and catching Tocotocos in Palworld is an exciting adventure. By exploring diverse areas, considering the time and weather, using lures and special items, and employing different catching techniques, you can increase your chances of discovering and capturing these adorable creatures. So get ready to embark on a Tocotoco-filled journey and become a master Tocotoco trainer in Palworld!

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