How to Find and Catch Beegarde in Palworld

A Guide to Finding and Catching Beegarde in Palworld

Palworld is a popular game with a diverse range of creatures to explore and capture. One such fascinating creature is Beegarde. In this guide, we will provide you with tips and tricks on how to find and catch Beegarde in Palworld.

Finding Beegarde

Beegarde can be found in various locations throughout Palworld. To increase your chances of encountering Beegarde, it is recommended to explore forested areas where flowers blossom. Beegarde is most commonly found near vibrant flower patches, so keep an eye out for these areas during your exploration.

Identifying Beegarde

Beegarde is a unique creature that resembles a bee and a hummingbird combined. Its body is brightly colored and adorned with beautiful patterns, making it quite striking and easy to identify. Beegarde also emits a distinct buzzing sound, which can help you locate it in the wild.

Catching Beegarde

Now that you have located Beegarde, it’s time to catch it! Follow these steps to successfully capture Beegarde:

1. Approach Beegarde slowly and avoid any sudden movements. Beegarde is a skittish creature and may fly away if it feels threatened.

2. Use a Palball, a specialized device designed for capturing creatures in Palworld. Aim the Palball carefully and release it near Beegarde. The Palball will encapsulate Beegarde within it, securing your successful capture.

3. Beegarde may attempt to escape from the Palball. To prevent this, carefully monitor the Palball’s energy levels and recharge it if necessary. Beegarde’s quickness requires extra vigilance.

4. Repeat the process until Beegarde is successfully caught and safely secured within the Palball.

Remember, patience is key when attempting to catch Beegarde. It may take several attempts before you successfully capture it, but with determination and perseverance, you will be able to add this fantastic creature to your collection.

Enjoy your adventures in Palworld as you explore, capture, and befriend the myriad of extraordinary creatures it has to offer!

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