How to Find and Catch Beakon in Palworld

How to Find and Catch Beakon in Palworld

Looking to catch the elusive Beakon in Palworld? Look no further! We’ve got you covered with this simple guide on how to find and catch Beakon in the game.


To locate Beakon in Palworld, head over to the lush forest area near the northern side of the map. The forest is filled with tall trees and abundant vegetation. Keep your eyes peeled for any sign of movement or rustling leaves, as that could indicate the presence of Beakon.

Catching Beakon

Once you’ve successfully located Beakon, it’s time to catch it. Approach the creature slowly and cautiously to avoid startling it. Beakon is known for its quick reflexes and tendency to flee at the slightest hint of danger. To increase your chances of a successful catch, equip yourself with a net launcher or a tranquilizer gun. These tools will help you capture Beakon without causing it harm.

Tips for Catching Beakon

– Be patient: Beakon is a smart and agile creature, so it may take some time to catch it. Don’t give up!
– Use bait: If you’re having trouble attracting Beakon, try using some tasty bait. Beakon has a soft spot for berries, so try scattering some around the area to lure it in.
– Work with a teammate: Capturing Beakon can be a challenging task. Consider teaming up with a friend to increase your chances of success. While one of you distracts Beakon, the other can make a well-timed capture.


With these tips in mind, you’re well-equipped to find and catch Beakon in Palworld. Remember to be patient, observant, and utilize the right tools and strategies for a successful capture. Happy hunting!

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