How to Distinguish the True LeBlanc and Shaco?

Are you tired of being tricked by Shaco and LeBlanc’s clones? In this article, we’ll discuss how to identify the real Shaco and LeBlanc so you won’t be deceived anymore. Let’s dive in!

Let’s Talk About Shaco and LeBlanc

First, let’s talk about Shaco. Known as the demonic jungler, Shaco is a powerful magician who can turn invisible with his Deceive spell. Wait for his Deceive to be on cooldown to catch and defeat him. Watch out for his Jack in the Box spell too, as it can root and slow down his enemies. Shaco’s Hallucinate spell lets him create a clone that is great for destroying turrets, so be vigilant and send someone to save your turrets if Shaco is split-pushing.

Now, let’s move on to LeBlanc. She’s a mage champion typically found in the mid-lane. LeBlanc dashes aggressively with her Distortion, but you can stun or silence her when she uses it to disable her escape. Stand behind minions to block her famous Ethereal Chains that can root you for 1.5 seconds.

So, How do I Recognize the Real Shaco and the Real LeBlanc?

How to Identify Real Shaco?

To spot the real Shaco, look for his items. The real Shaco will have a red aura around his hands when he uses Lich Bane, while the clone won’t. Also, only the real Shaco will have buffs shown on him. Click on one of the Shacos to see if he has a list of items or not.

How to Identify Real LeBlanc?

LeBlanc clone vs real LeBlanc

To determine the real LeBlanc, pay attention to the buffs around her. The real LeBlanc will have a red or blue circle, while the clone won’t. Click on one of the LeBlancs to see if she has items or not. Fake LeBlanc may stand still or move towards you, revealing her true identity. In team fights, her clone will separate from the team.

Final Words

To combat Shaco and LeBlanc’s deception, remember these tips. Watch out for Shaco’s Jack in the Box and wait for his Deceive to be on cooldown to catch him. Stand behind minions to block LeBlanc’s Ethereal Chains and don’t let her root you. Use the tactics mentioned earlier to identify the real champions from the clones. With these strategies, you’ll no longer be fooled by their tricks. Good luck!

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