How to Distinguish the Real LeBlanc and Shaco Characters

In this article, we will discuss how to easily recognize the real Shaco and LeBlanc in order to avoid falling for their clone tricks. Let’s dive right in!

Let’s Talk About Shaco and LeBlanc

Shaco is a tricky jungler known for his abilities to deceive and create clones. His Deceive spell allows him to become invisible and quickly appear in front of his target. To catch him off guard, wait for Deceive to go on cooldown. Keep an eye out for his Jack in the Box spell as well, as it can root and slow down enemies, giving Shaco and his team an opportunity to attack. When Shaco uses his Hallucinate spell to create a clone, he’s likely to split push a lane. Make sure to send someone from your team to defend your turret.

LeBlanc is a mage champion usually found in the mid-lane. Her Distortion ability allows her to dash aggressively towards her target and then return to her original position. To counter her, stun or silence her after she uses Distortion to disable her escape. Stand behind minions to prevent her from rooting you with her Ethereal Chains.

So, How do I Recognize the Real Shaco and the Real Leblanc?

How to Identify Real Shaco?

To identify the real Shaco, pay attention to his items. If he has the Lichbane item, his hands will have a red aura when he uses Hallucinate. The clone won’t have this aura. Additionally, buffs obtained by killing monsters will only be shown on the real Shaco. Clicking on the Shaco players on the map will also reveal their items, or lack thereof, to confirm their true identity.

How to Identify Real LeBlanc?

LeBlanc Clone vs Real LeBlanc

To spot the real LeBlanc, look for the presence of a red or blue buff around her. If she doesn’t have a buff, it’s her clone. Clicking on the LeBlanc players will also show their items, or lack thereof, to determine which one is real. Fake LeBlanc may stand still or run towards you, while the real LeBlanc will use the situation to escape.

Final Words

Shaco and LeBlanc can be formidable opponents, but by paying attention to their abilities and using the tips mentioned above, you can easily differentiate between the real champions and their clones. Stay vigilant and outsmart your opponents in the Rift!

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