How to Discover and Capture Flopie in Palworld

How to Find and Catch Flopie in Palworld

Searching for the elusive Flopie creature in Palworld? Look no further! We’ve got you covered with a comprehensive guide on how to locate and capture this adorable critter in the game.

Explore the Right Areas

To increase your chances of encountering a Flopie, explore areas that are known to be their natural habitats. Look for lush green grasslands and forests where these cute creatures tend to roam. Keep in mind that Flopies can also be found near water bodies such as lakes and rivers.

Use Bait and Lures

Once you’re in the right location, it’s time to attract a Flopie. Stock up on bait and lures specifically designed to entice these creatures. Flopies are especially attracted to shiny objects, so consider using lures with a reflective surface. Experiment with different types of bait to see which one works best for you.

Be Patient and Observant

When trying to catch a Flopie, patience is key. These critters can be quite shy and easily startled. Stay still and observe your surroundings carefully. Spotting a Flopie from a distance will give you a better chance of approaching it unnoticed. Move slowly and quietly to avoid scaring it away.

Capture Techniques and Tools

When you’re within range, it’s time to capture the Flopie. Use a capture tool, such as a net or cage, to safely catch the creature without causing harm. Approach the Flopie with caution, ensuring you do not make any sudden movements that might scare it off. Aim your tool carefully and wait for the perfect moment to catch it.

Remember, Flopies are known for their agility, so be prepared for quick movements and attempts to escape. Stay focused and keep trying until you successfully capture one.


Finding and catching a Flopie in Palworld may require some time and effort, but the reward of having this adorable creature by your side is worth it. Follow these tips, be patient, and soon you’ll have your very own Flopie companion in the game!

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