How to climb out of Bronze? – Complete Guide

When it comes to Bronze, not many players have good memories of this place. It’s a toxic environment filled with trolls and people who want to ruin the game for others. It can be difficult to escape Bronze, but it’s usually the player’s own fault for being stuck there.

Although Bronze is known for its lack of knowledge about playing League, it is possible to climb out of it by following our guide. If you want to learn how to exit Bronze quickly, read on!

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Table of Contents

Learn Your Role

Learning your role in the game is crucial. For example, mid laners shouldn’t just stay in mid for the entire game. They should roam to other lanes and help their teammates gain an advantage. Blaming other lanes for not winning is not effective. Instead, try helping struggling lanes and it will benefit everyone and increase your chances of winning.

The same goes for junglers. They should not only focus on farming and ganking, but also on securing vision and playing strategically.

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Pay Attention To The Minimap

The minimap provides important information about the game. It shows you where you have vision, which lanes are pushing, and where buffs and monsters spawn. By paying attention to the minimap, you can avoid ganks and make strategic plays with your teammates. Pings are not meant to bother you, but to communicate important information.

Duo With Your Friend

In Bronze, communication is often lacking. Duoing with a friend who can communicate and coordinate with you throughout the game can greatly improve your chances of winning. ADC/Support duos are especially effective, but any role pair that can communicate well will do.

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Review Your Videos and Watch Twitch

Reviewing your gameplay videos can help you identify and improve your mistakes. Watching streamers on Twitch, especially those who play the same role or champions as you, can also provide valuable insights and help you improve your gameplay.

Champions That Would Help You In Climbing Out of Bronze

Playing a consistent pool of champions can make climbing in lower divisions easier. The top, mid, and ADC roles are generally easier to carry with. Here are three champions that can help you climb out of Bronze:

1. Tryndamere

Tryndamere is a powerful top lane champion who is difficult to kill. He has healing abilities, crowd control, and an ultimate that makes him invincible. Learning to manage his rage and using the right runes and items will greatly improve your performance with him.

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2. Syndra

Syndra is a mage who excels at zoning and burst damage. Learning to stun and slow with her abilities will give you a significant advantage in mid lane. Proper rune choices and itemization will enhance her performance.

3. Ezreal

Ezreal is an agile ADC with strong poke potential. Mastering his skillshots and utilizing his abilities effectively will give you an advantage in the bot lane. Choosing the right runes and building AP-focused items will maximize his damage output.


By following these tips and playing the right champions, you can climb out of Bronze in no time. Remember to focus on improving your own gameplay and always strive to learn and adapt. Good luck on your journey to higher divisions!

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