How to Catch Pals in Palworld

How to Catch Pals in Palworld

Palworld is an exciting new game where players can collect, train, and battle adorable creatures called Pals. If you’re wondering how to catch these Pals, we’ve got you covered. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the steps to successfully catch Pals in Palworld. Let’s dive in!

Step 1: Exploring the World

The first thing you need to do is explore the vast and immersive world of Palworld. You can venture into different environments, such as lush forests, sparkling lakes, and even mysterious caves. Keep an eye out for Pals as they can appear anywhere!

Step 2: Identifying Pals

Once you stumble upon a Pal, it’s crucial to identify which type of Pal it is. Pals come in various species, each with its unique characteristics and abilities. Observing a Pal’s appearance and behavior will help you determine its type. Take note of these details to enhance your Pal-catching skills.

Step 3: Capturing Pals

To capture a Pal, you will need special tools like a net or a trap. Approach the Pal cautiously and use your chosen capturing method. Be patient and strategic in your approach, as some Pals may be more elusive or easily startled than others. Timing is everything!

Step 4: Building a Strong Bond

Congratulations on capturing your first Pal! Now it’s time to build a strong bond with your newfound companion. Interact with your Pal regularly, feed them, and give them attention. This will help strengthen the bond between you and your Pal, making them more obedient and loyal during battles.

Remember, each Pal has its own personality, so be sure to discover what your Pal likes and dislikes. Treat them well and watch as your Pal grows into a powerful ally.


Catching Pals in Palworld is an exciting and challenging adventure. By exploring the world, identifying Pals, capturing them, and nurturing a strong bond, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a successful Pal collector and trainer. Get ready for an epic journey in Palworld!

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