How to boost your Pal’s job level in Palworld

How to Level Up Your Pals’ Job in Palworld

Palworld is a game that combines the elements of creature collection and simulation, where you can raise your own pals and engage in various activities. One way to maximize your pals’ potential and unlock new abilities is by increasing their job level. In this guide, we will show you step by step how to level up your pals’ job in Palworld.

1. Choose the Right Job

To begin, you need to select the job that suits your pal’s abilities and interests. Different jobs offer unique benefits and contribute to the overall development of your pals. It’s crucial to consider their skills and preferences to ensure they excel in their chosen profession.

2. Perform Daily Tasks

Once your pals have a designated job, it’s essential to assign them daily tasks within their field. These tasks could include gathering resources, crafting items, or tending to the farm. By completing these activities regularly, your pals will gain experience points, which will contribute to their job level progression.

3. Use Job-Specific Items

Equipping your pals with job-specific items will have a significant impact on their job level growth. Each job has specific gear and tools that enhance their abilities and performance. By obtaining and utilizing these items effectively, you can expedite the job level progression of your pals.

4. Train and Educate

Training and educating your pals is instrumental in advancing their job level. Engage them in various training exercises and practice sessions to sharpen their skills and increase their productivity. By providing ample opportunities for learning and growth, you can pave the way for your pals’ job level advancements.


In Palworld, leveling up your pals’ job is essential to unlock their full potential. By carefully selecting the appropriate job, assigning daily tasks, utilizing job-specific items, and providing training, you can accelerate the job level progression of your pals. Take these steps and witness your pals become renowned professionals in the Palworld community.

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