Guide to locating and capturing Vanwyrm in Palworld

How to Find and Catch Vanwyrm in Palworld

Have you been struggling to find and catch the elusive Vanwyrm in Palworld? In this guide, we will provide you with some useful tips and strategies to help you locate and successfully capture this creature. So, let’s dive right in!

Understanding Vanwyrm’s Habitat and Behavior

Vanwyrm is known to inhabit specific areas in Palworld. These areas are usually located in forests and grasslands, where the creature feels most at home. Keep an eye out for lush vegetation and tall trees, as Vanwyrm tends to hide and rest in these environments. It is important to note that Vanwyrm is particularly active during the night, so consider exploring during this time to increase your chances of encountering one.

Effective Strategies for Finding Vanwyrm

To maximize your chances of finding Vanwyrm, try following these strategies:

1. Patience and Observation:
– Take your time and observe your surroundings closely. Vanwyrm might blend in with the environment, so keep an eye out for any movement or rustling of leaves.
– Listen for any unique sounds that Vanwyrm might make. These could be helpful in narrowing down its location.

2. Utilize Bait and Lures:
– Use Palfood specific to Vanwyrm’s diet to attract and lure it out of hiding. Experiment with different types of Palfood to increase your chances of success.
– Place the bait strategically near areas where Vanwyrm is likely to appear. This could be near trees, bushes, or open fields.

3. Collaborate with Other Players:
– Join forces with other Palworld trainers to increase your chances of finding Vanwyrm. Work together to cover a larger area and share information on potential sightings.
– Coordinate your efforts to effectively surround and corner Vanwyrm, increasing your chances of a successful capture.

Catching Vanwyrm

Once you have successfully located Vanwyrm, it’s time to catch it! Follow these steps for a smooth capturing process:

1. Be Prepared:
– Ensure that your Palwand is fully equipped and in good condition.
– Have a sufficient supply of Palballs to increase your chances of a successful capture.

2. Approach with Caution:
– Slowly and steadily approach Vanwyrm, making sure not to startle or provoke it.
– Maintain a safe distance while observing its behavior and reactions.

3. Use a Palball:
– When the time is right, carefully throw a Palball at Vanwyrm.
– Aim for accuracy and try to hit Vanwyrm directly. This will maximize your chances of a successful capture.

4. Be Patient:
– After throwing the Palball, wait patiently for it to capture Vanwyrm.
– Avoid disturbing the Palball or trying to forcefully retrieve it. Let the capturing process run its course.


Finding and catching Vanwyrm in Palworld can be a thrilling challenge. By understanding its habitat, using effective strategies, and employing a patient and cautious approach, you’ll increase your chances of successfully capturing this elusive creature. Good luck and happy hunting, trainers!

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